Two Toned Hair Trends


The two toned hair trends are a good way through which you can exercise your creativity on your hair. Basically, two toned hair have become extremely popular these days due to the fact that they allow different shades to be colored on the hair. The only problem here is that you need to develop the right combinations for two toned hair that would work together and give you a unique look. For doing this, you would have to take the help of your hair stylist in deciding what would look great on you. For reference, here are some good two toned hair color ideas that might appeal to you.


Two Toned Hair Color Ideas


The two toned hair color ideas mentioned here can help you with determining the color combination that would look best on you. The first example that we are going to take belongs to Drew Barrymore. This celebrity went ahead and experimented with the unique look of black and blonde. Her two toned hair comprise of black roots and gradually fading color that gives way to blonde ends. The black color comprises of one fourth of her two toned hair while the blonde hair take up about the rest three fourth. The overall look of her two toned hair is quite great, as you can see in her two tone hair color pictures. The two toned hair color pictures of Drew Barrymore would show you that this is a safe option that can be exercised without any trouble. However, if you want to experiment with something more vibrant, you can think about making use of the brighter colors at the edges. The Katy Perry look is also good as it makes use of blue and pink highlights on dark brown hair. This two toned hair color idea is another way through which you can make your hair look beautiful.


Getting Two Toned Hair


For getting two toned hair on yourself, you can think about experimenting with the above mentioned two toned hair color ideas. Apart from the ideas mentioned above, you can take the help of your hair stylist for finding what would suit you best. Through these suggestions, you can get the right two toned hair look for yourself.

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